Why You Should Consider a Career in Cybersecurity

It’s no secret that the world of information technology and cybersecurity careers are booming. Many students and recent graduates will and should definitely ponder a career in cybersecurity for the ever-changing landscape alone. Because there’s a constant flux of ideas and new information discoveries daily, cybersecurity careers are incredibly exciting. What else makes cybersecurity such an interesting field? Let’s explore.

It’s Lucrative

Let’s face it: with the world we live in, it’s incredibly important to have a career that pays. There is a large talent gap in cybersecurity so this means that businesses offer competitive salaries. Companies are willing to pay well for cyber talent. A good wage is exciting for anyone in the working world and, as one advances within their cybersecurity career, there are opportunities for an increased salary.

There’s Always Variety

Cybersecurity careers vary greatly from one another: there are so many roles to fill and jobs out there so there’s a lot from which to choose. Cybersecurity careers are so varied because information technology is constantly evolving. Because there’s something for everyone and the job is so varied, professionals come from all sorts of backgrounds. New roles emerge with the evolution of technology and that isn’t slowing down anytime soon (it’s hard enough now to keep up with the latest trends). 

Room to Grow

It’s pretty difficult to hit a ceiling or feel stagnant in the field of technology. Since everyone depends on keeping their information safe, cybersecurity and pretty much whatever you can think of that’s computer-related, there is always room to grow within a cybersecurity career. As skills are honed and expanded upon, there are new, more complex jobs that need to be filled. This is why Bootcamps are so important: with constant on-the-job training, a cybersecurity professional can prepare and ready themselves for their next important career step. With continuous learning, anyone in the cyber field can climb the ladder of success rung by rung.

Job Flexibility

Almost every area of interest you can think of has room for a cybersecurity professional. Cybersecurity careers are very flexible and allow for all kinds of positions. This means that there are jobs all over the world and that remote work is also available.


Whether you’re looking for excitement, variety, room to move up the corporate ladder or a competitive salary, look no further than the Cyber Talent Network. Because of the fast-paced, diverse and stimulating cyber landscape, cybersecurity careers are always a practical choice.

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