Our Top 6 Tips to Keep Your Cybersecurity Skills Relevant in 2020

With more organizations recognizing the need to place security first, 2020 is positioned to be an awesome year for cybersecurity. For such a relatively new industry, things seem to change frequently in cyber. As we make our way through 2020, here are some easy ways to make sure your cybersecurity skills stay relevant in this fast-paced industry:

1. Keep up with the news

There are so many industry news sources to choose from. Keeping up is easier than ever when you can subscribe to cyber news feeds or download cybersecurity news apps like The CISO Collective.

2. Do some extracurricular training

Because cybersecurity changes often, certifications and studies run the risk of becoming obsolete. It’s important to invest some time into training. Too burnt out and busy for more training? Podcasts are a great way to keep up with the industry while on the go. The idea is to never stop learning.

3. Be active on social media

This is of the most engaging ways to keep up with cybersecurity. Follow security leaders and other professionals that are on social media, particularly on LinkedIn and Twitter, where the cyber community is very active. Be sure to join the conversation. This is also a great way to get exposure to relevant news and industry events.

4. Attend industry events

Whether your thing is a seminar, webinar, or a hackathon, there’s a cyber event out there for you. When you attend these events, make note of the industry speakers who are likely sharing their expertise live at the event and on social media, industry publications, sites and podcasts.

5. Network

We don’t mean cyber networks, of course. This refers to social networks. When you’re interacting with cyber pros, be it at a live event or on social media, make lasting industry connections. Networking is a great way to keep up with the latest trends and research findings. Plus, a connection can help you land your ultimate dream job.

6. Consider a mentor

One of the best ways to learn and grow in your career is to consider a mentor. Mentors can help guide you in your career as they’ve been in your shoes in the past and can offer their experience. There’s a lot to learn from mentors, especially in the chaotic world of cybersecurity.

Whatever your preferred methods and mediums for keeping up with the industry, the idea is to make sure you keep researching, listening and learning. When you pair up high demand cyber skills with the most desired cyber traits, you’ve got a recipe for success.

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