Five Reasons to Hire an Ethical Hacker

Hiring an ethical hacker is a good idea for many reasons. Whether an organization is looking to hire a cyber professional to work as an ethical hacker in a pinch after a breach has occurred or as a preventative measure, it’s a smart career move nonetheless. Organizations are more aware of their online privacy, the security of their networks, and the safety of their data than ever before. With most jobs rerouted to online, work at home status, it’s crucial that cybersecurity is highly regulated. Below we’ll discuss five reasons why your organization should hire an ethical hacker.

It’s a Defensive Strategy

A certified hacker or “penetration tester”  helps to defend a company against threats to cybersecurity. An ethical hacker can help to find threats to your organization’s system before an actual malicious hack occurs. Because ethical hackers are trained to seek out vulnerabilities, they can be attended to and fixed before a security threat ever rears its head.

It Limits Your Company’s Liability

When a company hires a certified hacker, it only adds to their reputation as a conscientious, well-informed institution. Having an ethical hacker as an employee proves that a company is committed to cyber safety, security and reliability. It also reduces “exposure to liability related to improper data security.”

It Helps to Reduce Losses

An ethical hacker will not only help to limit and reduce the losses potentially suffered by a company as a result of improper security but they can also help to stop an ongoing attack. Along with enacting preventative measures, an ethical hacker can actually fix a broken system quicker than another professional (as they are familiar with your company’s network).

Understand the Latest Trends

Because “present-day cyberattacks are more sophisticated in nature than before” it’s crucial that a professional hacker have your company’s wellbeing in mind. With an ethical hacker on board, certain trends and new, undetected schemes can now be acknowledged and dealt with in the best possible manner. Certain hacking techniques have gone unnoticed in the past and that can be detrimental to any organization.

Get Information out in the Open

A certified ethical hacker must adhere to a certain code of ethics so they are professionally obligated to disclose any information they find—good or bad. This should help to not only ensure the safety of an organization but the integrity of its employees as well. When one can rest assured that malicious findings are out in the open and can be combatted efficiently a company runs more smoothly.


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